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Football Academy Registration

Join the Radial Sports Academy

Developing a good person is the basis for developing a good athlete. Hence our players are taught values at the academy that serve them throughout life even if they do not become professionals in the game. We teach them discipline, respect, community service, teamwork and a winning mentality.

We offer programs in the following 3 age group categories. Follow the links to learn more.

Fill out the registration form below to get started.

The form is to be filled by a parent/guardian and the child being registered will be referred to as “player” on the form.

Registration Form

    Player Details

    Phone number of the parent/guardian can be filled in. This will be used for activity updates.

    Please state your residential home address

    Parent/Guardian Details

    If the parents are not responsible for the player, please state name of a Guardian.

    Please upload a picture of the person's ID (1mb filesize limit)

    Emergency Contact

    Medical Details

    Please note that payment for the uniform kit is not included in the academy fees. Players who do not have the academy branded uniform kit will not be able to represent the academy in games against other academies.

    Parent Statement

    I hereby state that my child/ward is in good mental and physical health condition to participate in the activities provided by Radial Sports Ventures Ltd including but not limited to all aspects of football and or competition. I am fully aware that any activity involving motion or athletic activity creates the possibility of serious injury. I hereby release Radial Sports Ventures Ltd, its employee and staff from liability to the above-named player, of the person claiming through him/her, arising from injury to the person or property of the above-named player occurring on the premises of Radial Sports Ventures Ltd including any event sponsored or sanctioned by Radial Sports Ventures Ltd and or travel to and from such activities.

    I understand that Radial Sports Ventures Ltd has the right to deny admittance to any player not meeting the standards of the program as it sees fit. I also agree not to hold these parties responsible in the event that my son/daughter/child engages in inappropriate conduct (including, but not limited to disruptive or volatile behavior in or out of the academy grounds, etc.) or becomes involved in any activity or with any persons not associated with Radial Sports Ventures Ltd or its scheduled program and that Radial Sports Ventures Ltd has the right to send him/her home for inappropriate conduct. I further attest that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. In addition, I have agreed to the policy and fee statement and agree to comply.