WORK TIME: 09:00 - 17:00
FIND US: Ajah, Lagos
CONTACT: 0913 467 4040


Recreational 3-7 years

Academy Recreational

Kids in this age range are just getting introduced to the game. It is very critical to make their time at practice as fun as possible to ensure they develop passion and love for the game.

Fun activities are deployed to teach basic techniques of football like passing, receiving, running with the ball, dribbling, shooting, coordination etc.

We aim to maximize their time on the ball using repetitive routines required to build muscle memory to execute football skills without thinking about them (ball mastery).

We use small-sided games (4v4 – 5v5) and appropriately sized fields to ensure each player gets many opportunities for touches on the ball which improves mastery and confidence.

Join the Radial Sports Academy and be like your favorite football stars

This age range builds on the gains of our recreational program to improve playing technique and development of physical strength once they are promoted to this level

The goal of our elite category is to prepare players who desire to further their game to a professional level.